The focus is on people

We have been working on optimizing gastronomic processes and supporting them with digital tools for many years. The networking of many components to form a comprehensive dashboard enables tmc to be a revolutionary control instrument that focuses on mindfulness, transparency and sustainability. It is important to combine existing resources - the human being, food, technology and space - with the well-being of the guest.

One goal that we have at tmc to set ourselves is to avoid food waste in advance. The key element here is a digital marketplace for our suppliers in order to be able to post daily offers.
Linked with forward-looking forecasts of the expected customers, depending on key data such as weather, office culture, etc., we create a menu and thus primarily adapt to the wishes and needs of guests and customers.

We optimize the

processes by networking our resources and are therefore sustainable in our use of energy, water and space and set goals that we do not exceed in the planning stage.

Transparency about our food, origin, content, allergen and CO2 print feedback and guest survey, order and delivery tool, occupancy display, reservation and conference management - all via our app Payment by card, app, mobile phone, QR code or person identification in the self check out.
There are no limits here.

Optical food recognition for quality assurance and optimization of our offer

Linking via the social networks for customer loyalty and marketing to increase the attractiveness of our gastronomic service