We are aware

We are aware of our responsibility toward our environment and therefore work continuously to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

As a modern enterprise in the hospitality sector, we make use of the most modern solutions available in order to avoid waste as much as possible, minimize energy and water consumption, adopt reusable systems and use environmentally-friendly materials. And what’s good for our ecosystem is also advantageous in terms of economics – in short: It saves money.

tmc is already very well positioned today. However, in order to become better still, we are having an energy audit conducted and, on this basis, aim to reduce our impact even further.

Food waste

A solid costing of the goods used is the basis for avoiding food waste. As a result of our many years of experience and modularly structured food concepts, we succeed in being able to always offer enough dishes without any waste being generated in the end. Not only is this environmentally friendly, it is imperative in terms of profitability.

Water and energy

Intelligent architecture, modern technical equipment and efficient workflows are the key to using the valuable resources of power and water economically.

Reusing and recycling

In catering, reusing is the ticket. Wherever the use of disposable items is necessary for organisational or hygienic reasons, we opt for solutions that make sense ecologically such as products made of renewable raw materials or recycled materials. Of course, we separate our waste and dispose of it in the proper manner.


Not only do digital systems help to efficiently organise the use of goods and resources, meanwhile most of the workflows in accounts and purchasing can also be implemented using paperless document management.